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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Open World Action Adventure Game is an action game developed by Rockstar North. The game is played from the perspective of strangers in an open world environment. In this single player story, you play Carl Johnson, or better known as CJwho, a former gang member who previously lived in Los Santos, San Andreas. He has returned to the city to investigate his mother’s murder. However, the corrupt police stopped his plan. How do you play GTA San Andreas? You have to equip CJ with firearms, machine guns and vehicles to protect him from rival gang members and dangerous police. Microsoft Office 2007 The Grand Theft Auto series contrasts with the plot at the center of the audience in GTA: San Andreas. The story focuses on a former gangster taking it on; he’s trying to form his gang to catch the man who shot his mother. This forces CJ to return to criminal life. (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); You must do this crime if you want to appoint CJ Power as the gang leader. Completing tasks is also key to accessing facilities, rural areas and surrounding towns. Story following is required to unlock the game’s content, but it can be done at your own pace. This means that there are no requirements in the game environment. If you turn off the original story, you can participate in side tasks. This can be as common as driving a taxi or as crazy as robbing a bank. Higher-risk side jobs can help you acquire more money and skills, but they can also attract the attention of the authorities. To avoid kidnapping, you can skip side jobs and seek shelter. In addition to theft, San Andreas also has an element of role play. You can buy clothes, accessories, hairstyles and jewelry and even buy your own. Who is San Andreas CJ? Much has changed over the years, and Carl plans to restore his gang’s reputation and influence. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Games is a classic movie shooter, varied missions and many minigames spread around the world of free-floating sandboxes. The game is more defined than any other. It is very ambitious, located in a large country with three large cities and a wide view over the countryside. The appearance you choose affects other characters; The perceptions of recruiters, allies and other playable characters vary depending on the appearance of CJ. It’s also important to take care of CJ’s physical health. You have to give him time to eat and exercise. You can do this by directing him to restaurants and walking around town. You really play as a character and create it by returning to Los Santos after a five-year absence. The campaign is so big that the plot from empire to empire may not be original in great numbers, but is told with excellent actors and many unforgettable and funny characters.
There are some points where this game is frustrating for some people. Country racing cars are pretty smooth, and building Carl’s lungs to swim underwater also requires; The direct and flexible gameplay of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas combines rewarding challenges with creative improvisation. You follow the progress of the game by moving from one task to another. The task gets harder,but it pays off. With a full search you can earn weapons, skins and money. At the same time you can watch the development of the plot as an action movie. When horrible crime starts to get boring, you can step away from the main story to a side mission…

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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