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For those who have long believed in Bitcoin, this strategy is a good idea. Instead of just being used, BTC is gradually growing, following an improved algorithm, having complete control over your account. Even inexperienced traders will soon find their way to this automated trading system.
The term HODL was introduced in 2013 on the Bitcointalk forum. This is not an abbreviation for a complex trading strategy, simply because the word “misspelled”. The author of the original post found that dealers who were new to the game often decided to stay or buy.
One of the best things about bitcoin is its speed. Trades can be completed almost immediately through a peer-to-peer transfer that Blockchain insists on.
This is the end of the cycle. The system will automatically close the operation if there are not enough points to buy.

The system runs on a cloud system, which means you don’t need software on your computer. The bot runs on your local Windows, Linux, or Mac OS machine.
Bitcoin trading robots can have up to 99% chance of winning, which means that at least nine out of ten trades made by each of these robots are correct. Two of these robots are Bitcoin Code and Cryptosoft.
It is also important to find an exchange that has a lot of liquidity. Download 3commas Free
This will allow you to always be connected with the buyer or the seller; otherwise, you will not be able to close your trade if the price drops.
Prices are paid for lifetime licenses and range from $ 129 for a starter pack, up from $ 259 for a standard up to $ 2,999 (but it’s aimed at business customers).
As you can see above, the RSI (purple line) widened too much at 12:00 and briefly crossed 30 points several times before price rallied. Just a few hours later, the RSI reached 70 and the price of BTC tended to decline.
3commas offers a 4 plan, and the existing Binance account holder can use the basic plan for just $ 22 a month. However, the best plans are an Extended plan and a Pro plan, which cost around $ 37 and $ 75 per month, respectively.
The growth of some currencies is supposed to offset the decline of others. by..

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