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App Builder is a complete visual development environment for Microsoft Windows that allows us to create, with or without programming knowledge, HTML5 applications, WebApps, Progressive WebApps, WebExtensions, and hybrid applications for mobile and desktop computers.

Software Builder provides us with some of the visual and invisible controls that we can only leave in the application designer. Timer, HTTP clients, text input, buttons and many ready-made controls.

One of the great services of DecSoft’s software designer is that it can run on a single digital base on almost any platform. Birds of Prey 2020
DecSoft’s fantastic software creates HTML5 applications, develops web applications and WebExtensions, ready to be used, without any dependence, by all modern mobile and desktop browsers.

In addition, thanks to the integration of App Builder and Apache Cordova, our applications can be used on platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows 10 and others. All with a digital base!

Software functions

Create HTML5 applications

Create hybrid applications

Create web applications

Create an ongoing web application

Create web extensions

Configure the Apache Cordova file

Batch Windows files

UNIX Shell files

Icons of Apache Cordova

Sprays for Apache Cordova

Build the Apache Cordova configuration

System requirements for DecSoft 2020 software

Microsoft Windows OS desktops must meet the minimum hardware and software requirements.

Equipment requirements

64-bit software

20 GB memory

Up to 24 GB internal memory:

Kony Viewer: 4 GB

Android SDK: 2 GB

Windows SDK: 4 GB

Lots of space for very complex projects

LAN card

Software requirements

Windows 10 or Windows Update or Windows 8 or Windows 7..

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