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Evil characters congregate around a young man defending his loved ones in a post-war backyard in a city full of corruption and cruelty.
Antonio Campos Author:
Antonio Campos (screened door), Paulo Campos (screened door) The Devil All the Time, set in southern Ohio and West Virginia, follows the cast of interesting and bizarre characters from the end of World War II through to the 1960s. Willard Russell, a veteran of the South Pacific massacre, couldn’t save his beautiful wife Charlotte from a painful death of cancer, no matter how much sacrificial blood she poured in the ‘prayer log book’. Carl and Sandy Henderson, serial killers of men and women, roam the streets of America in search of suitable models for photography and erasure. There is Pastor Roy dealing with spiders and his sidekick playing paralyzed guitar, Theodore, escaping the law. And at the heart of it all are Arvin Eugene Russell, the orphans of Willard and Charlotte, who grew up to be a good but violent man in his own right as well.
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